What's so good about passive marketing channels?

Updated: May 3

Focus on More Passive Mobile Marketing Channels: It May Lead to More Benefits

This means making sure that your brand is present in social media and is active in a meaningful way that is sensitive to the situation. People are feeling disconnected and isolated, so creating interactive, community-oriented campaigns that engage people in a positive way – even if there is no direct financial benefit immediately, could pay off in brand loyalty and engagement in the long run.

The volatility of the current health situation has pushed the differences in mobile content marketing into higher relief. — Cindy Krum

To make your content more memorable, and more useful:

  • It needs to be more personal.

  • It needs to be more portable.

  • It needs to be more immediate.

  • It needs to be more social.

The best thing that mobile content can do in today's unique situation is to provide clear and easy to access information and provide reassurances to consumers whose lives and habits have been disrupted.

This includes focusing on identifying what concerns might be and addressing those in ways that are easy to access on mobile devices. You should be updating your primary website, as well as Google My Business information as much as possible, whenever things change.

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