v@lve: edition #1

Welcome to the first edition of 'v@lve'.

Just like a valve, we will unlock and close the digital marketing vault, providing you with a meaningful inside tip, every weekend. Scroll down to join the journey ...

Content marketing campaigns today have a lot of factors to consider. It isn't just about what you say anymore — words that sell are not enough in today's world. The biggest hurdle to jump is Google, and you can't be found on Google without knowing why the search engine might display your content over your competitor.

Analyze the sites that are outranking you

If you are not ranking number one for your main keywords, look at your page and compare it to the pages that are ranking better than you are.

Even better, have someone who is not closely connected to your business do this for you. Ask them to answer this question: "If you did this search, and could only land on ONE page, which of these would you choose?"

Often when we ask clients this question, they will say, "Our page is the best of the kind on this topic. We have covered every question a searcher could have."

What we've found performing well since the 2020 Google core update, are short and to-the-point articles. This is often what searchers prefer.

Enjoy your weekend.

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