Should my PR content be a high priority?

v@lve: edition #4

Your company PR (public relations) content should be a high priority to influence journalists, Google, social media, and direct to your audience.

The mistake many brands make is missing the optimization steps to get more reach and visibility organically long after the news is over.

When your audience is searching in Google, the most influential type of content is 3rd party content and news content. So let's look at the content you should be continually monitoring and updating for long-term success.

Optimize the Brands Newsroom

Every business website should have a company news section. This is where your press releases, media coverage, blog, social channels, and podcast feed are housed. The company newsroom should be updated regularly, feeding Google the pings of new content.

According to TekGroup, a brand’s newsroom is often one of the most visited landing pages on a website. It is where journalists go to find out the latest news, and your audience will often visit.

Utilize Press Releases the Right Way

One of the most effective ways to stay in Google News is by using press release paid distributions such as ereleases or PRNewswire. A press release should be optimized with appropriate keywords, links subheads, and ideally multimedia, such as an embedded photo and/or video.

100% of journalists surveyed said they use Google to start researching a story or confirm sources. If you are not optimizing your press release, you will not get found in Google.

Since the pandemic press releases are at an all-time low. What does this mean? Less competition and clutter. More opportunities.

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