Why should I pay for AdWords?

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Paid digital media advertising can be a great way to take someone else's lunch and in some instances, is the best option for a company launching into the digital world.

But what are Adwords? What is paid advertising? What is branded search? What is organic search?

Let us break it down for you.

Adwords - commonly known as Google Ads - is paid advertising. This is used when you want to drive more traffic to your site. You'll need to confirm a budget you're willing to fork out each time someone clicks on your ad. Another term you will hear is 'PPC'. In plain English, this means Pay Per Click.

Branded search is when someone searches for your brand, company or product name and ends up clicking on a link that takes them to your website. This is free and doesn't cost you anything. Although a good outcome - still isn't the strongest form of search engine results.

The strongest form of search engine results is what we call Organic Search.

Organic search is when a word or phrase entered into a search engine brings the user to your website through searching a term unrelated to your company or brand name and is not a paid ad. This is free advertising and indicates a very high SEO ranking if you appear on the first search page beneath any paid advertising.

Without knowing where you fit, you may be paying for something that you don't need. Marketing agencies and money launderers will hate me saying this, but it's true. On the flip side, your organic search results may be weak, which is when you would consider a paid advertising scheme.

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Demystifying digital marketing.

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